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The most important flash of our generation.

When I watched this, I wept, for I had not seen anything as beautiful as this. MY tears fell as I reached total understanding of the subtle quirks and nuances of human behavior, and I now saw the solution to all the tension regarding race and such. Truly a marvelous piece of work. I am at awe.

A work of art.

Anime, fat chicks, and surprised looking old men staring at asses.

What more can you ask for?

Flash analog of Killzone 2

This movie reminds me a lot about Killzone 2, not because of the plot, but because of the production value. I mean, it's just marvelously crafted, the animation is flawless and the effects are brilliant, but the soft spots in this movie lay not in the animation, but in the film itself.

Fore example, there's the art direction. I didn't like it too well. I mean, sure you captured everything perfectly, but how it was presented isn't for me. Like the robots, they're too 'generic' or their style isn't too interesting or cool or whatever. The design is good but it's not anything groundbreaking. The only real flaw in this are like, the eyes of the robots, you could've gone with something like LED readouts with words instead of eyes or something, which is impractical I know, but hey it looks cooler. And Tarboy himself wasn't anything too memorable. I mean it's a silhouette of a spikey haird kid, you could've done better. Everything else about the art was fantastic. Cityscapes looked like cityscapes, lasers and lights looked like lasers and lights, so on and so forth. The background sequences were also nicely done.

The music is also another weak spot in this fine movie. It started out like some children's musical to be ran during the holidays, which was just odd. The music together with the flash gave it a very 'storybook' feel, which I didn't like. In fact, I'd rather have had the music been intense techno or Daft Punk-like house, it'd have made the movie's atmosphere a lot more intriguing, because, frankly storybook-esque flashes are weak. The music is great, and it fit with the movie, but a different style would've fit too, and it would've made the movie be better on the audio aspect. The sound effects also, are decent enough. But it would've been cooler if there were lightsaber sound effects during the fighting in the dark scene. Also, lol at the guitars in the end credits.

The story is probably the weakest part of the whole affair. I never felt drawn to know what would've happened next, so if for some reason firefox closed while I was watching it, I wouldn't bother going back the next time I boot firefox. The characters were all bland, with the exception of the douches in the office water cooler, best characters of the movie, IMO. The grandpa guy also was a tad bit annoying at times, and the terms written into his dialogue like "fatcats" and whatnot really didn't go so well with me. And Tarboy was generic, he didn't even remind me of a personification of revenge, he was just there, and all he did was do a couple of fancy moves and then melt. I suggest you make the story something special for Tarboy II, hire a professional writer or something.

That's all I have to say. an okay movie. I don't see what all the fuss is about. But you're one of the best animators on this site, kudos to that.

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A dumb concept for a game.

Now, I like platformers as much as the next guy, but when the very essence of the game is broken, and its main point being something so overworked, overdone and mundane, it's safe to say you've made a shitty game.

As I said, the platforming element of this game, which is the ONLY interactivity this game offers, is absolutely bullshit. It's about as responsive as Super fucking Mario. Except in Super Mario, you get the thrill of powerups and fucking shit up, along with avoiding obstacles, but here, all you do is fucking jump on shit and hope that the brokenness of the game's very physics system won't make piss you off.

I liked the visuals yeah, which brings to me another point. You seem like an able animator, so why not instead of giving the viewer a bullshit 'cinematic' experience, you actually make a movie next time? I'd definitely enjoy it. Basically a run through of this game, but with more fluid walking and jumping animations, and a dynamic camera. It'd definitely be a decent watch instead of a shitty, shitty game.

But if you intend on keeping this shitty game mechanic around, I have some recommendations.

Don't waste the pretty visuals by treating players with shitty animation. My advice is to try to model your code after the one in Fancy Pants Adventures. Like make the player character's jumps feel more weighted, make him pick up speed, so he goes from a jog to a sprint, but the option of keeping his movement slow comes by pressing a key while pressing the arrow keys. And another thing, this goes A LONG WAY to making this a better overall experience.

Add sound effects! Footsteps, panting, grunts, billowing smoke. Like when you enter the urban looking areas, the sound of traffic fades in, and it fades out when you leave it. The wind should cry as you walk across the clouds, and when you walk across them, try triggering like a puffing effect to make it feel like a real cloud instead of a brick. And make the blimp more reactive when you walk across it.

So yeah, that's pretty much my thoughts on this game. I didn't enjoy it, but if you take my advice you might be able to make a better game next time around.

Drag and Drop = Stupid

I don't see the point of making this and asking for improvement. It's just a game where you can change the color of your shit gun, that's it. If you want to ask for improvement you don't have to whore this shit out. If you ask me, all you need is a better game choice, drag and drop games are moronic.

make this a software

why dont you allow saving to your comp so nobody wwill have a useless account

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This is pretty good, man! But there are some points to improvement.

First, you guys need more dynamics. Like, get quiet during the verse, loud in the chorus, blah blah blah... Second, the lead is too repetitive. I mean, I listen to a lot of music like this, but the lack of dynamics and the repetitive nature of the lead guitar add together to make this kind of tiring to listen to. Also, the drums and bass are kind of anemic, and

The performance as a whole though is pretty good, props especially to the singer since he has a nice voice haha. But composition-wise, I think this could still use a bit of fixing especially when it comes to transitioning in between the song parts and whatnot.

Overall, a solid effort, good job guys, looking forward to hear more from you. Do you guys have a soundcloud or something? :D

Mismo responds:

Thanks it is always good with honest feedback since we're still pretty new, and it is better to hear the honest truth rather than have all praising you or just down right say it is bad without pointing out what needs to be fixed and improved.

Also I don't know think we have a soundcloud since I didn't know what it was until now. But if we don't I might see if the other guys thinks it would a good idea to have one.

Again, thanks for the review :)

The guitar is a bit too trebly, don't you think? I think it needs a bit of adjustment in the EQ department, haha. Make it sound thicker.

Aside from that, well, this is a bit too bare to my liking. It could use more in terms of instrumentation, and probably like you said, vocals. It sounds more like background music and an actual song, to be honest. It doesn't grab your attention, or anything, it just... loops. So yeah that's it. Okay job on this, I suppose.

JohnLorique responds:

kinda like as you said

This is a very very professional and well done piece. The harp melodies remind me of the soundtracks of Radiant Historia and hell, even Phoenix Wright. I think you'd be an excellent composer for video games! This would fit very well in one. Not in a movie though, then it'd be too cheesy. But still, yeah, great GREAT work on this. I hope that you end up actually getting places with your immense musical talents.

By the way, I think it would be a good idea for you to compile all of your best works and release them as an album on either Soundcloud or Bandcamp. I'd be sure to download!

Step responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot for leaving a review!

"This is a very very professional and well done piece."

Oh, two very's not one. Thank you :3.

"The harp melodies remind me of the soundtracks of Radiant Historia and hell, even Phoenix Wright."

Haven't heard of them, but I'll certainly give them a listen when I don't have such a massive workload of maths homework...

"I think you'd be an excellent composer for video games! This would fit very well in one. Not in a movie though, then it'd be too cheesy."

Some people tell me my songs will fit great in films while others say it'll fit great in games. I'm cool with both I guess, haha.

"But still, yeah, great GREAT work on this. I hope that you end up actually getting places with your immense musical talents."

Naw man, I'm a programmer at heart. Also I'm deaf from one ear which severely hampers my musical ability, believe it or not!

Although doing stuff like film scoring and making soundtrack for games has always been a dream of mine. I won't pursue it, but nevertheless I find making soundtrack really cool!

"By the way, I think it would be a good idea for you to compile all of your best works and release them as an album on either Soundcloud or Bandcamp. I'd be sure to download!"

I dunno about that - my best works range from pure orchestral, to rock, to video game, to techno, to pop, etc... having an album with so many different genres isn't very good because the person buying the album would (most likely) only be interested in a handful of similar genres. Although it's a nice idea; maybe when I make more good songs of the same genre I can compile an album, who knows!

Thanks a lot for the support and feedback!

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